Our Little Sister Rachel Ferdinand turns 100 years old!

Our beloved Little Sister, Sr. Rachel, known to many as the Artist-in Residence for her years overseeing the Arts and Crafts Department on the Home’s 2nd Floor, turned 100 years old on January 21.

Sr. Rachel, who is originally from Quebec, Canada and still has her beautiful French accent, ran the Arts and Crafts department for most of the 39 years she has lived in our Home.

Many generations of Residents, Employees, Volunteers and Neighbors know Sr. Rachel for the many talents she brought to the Home as well as the deep sense of caring she showed for others.

To celebrate this major milestone, a special Mass and a Canadian-themed birthday party was had in her honor. A citation was presented to her by Alderman Bob McWatters of the city of Somerville. Many other Little Sisters as well as many of those she has touched with her creativity and her compassion through the years, came from far and near to celebrate her life and her great contributions to all our Homes where she has lived over the years, our Elderly and our Community. Many remarked how Sr. Rachel always seemed to make time for others, regardless of her busy schedule, and those who came to know her, stayed her friends for life.