Meet the Family

“I’ve always said that there are three things I like: a baby’s smile, a beautiful sunset, and good friends. This has been a wonderful place to make good friends – Sisters, Employees, and fellow Residents – they’re all family to me.”
- Joe McConnell, Pavilion Resident

“I began my work journey here at The Little Sisters of the Poor in March 2015. I have never worked at a place that was full of so much love. The care here is remarkable. Each day I get the privilege of organizing activities that will bring a smile to our Resident’s faces. To be part of this family is a blessing!”      
– Gina Bozzi, Activities Director

“I have worked with the home for 10 years. I feel I have been chosen to do God’s work as an extension of the Little Sisters. This work includes daily interacting, serving, and bringing joy to our elderly residents. I find that following the mission of St. Jeanne Jugan very rewarding and fulfilling.
– Mary Segella, Social Services Director

“Caring is one of the principle values of the nursing profession. The Nursing Department shares the value of caring with the Little Sisters of the Poor, who have committed their lives to caring for poor elderly. Our nurses are inspired and strive to exemplify the Sisters’ spirit of compassionate caring.”
- Pat Moro, Director of Nursing

“Living here for me means coming back to community life. To be able to pray the rosary, go to Mass together with fellow Residents, and witness the contagious smiles of the people around me helps my aches and pains become bearable and sometimes even fade away.”
– Jim Raber, Resident


“I’ve been working at Jeanne Jugan Residence since 1996 as a CNA and love it more and more with every year. This is like my home, my family. I miss it when I’m away.”
- Elizabeth Dias, Certified Nurse’s Assistant

“Early in December 2015, I began my third mission to Jeanne Jugan Residence, Somerville. This time I traveled from the land of the Gateway Arch and St. Louis Cardinal’s, to the land of the Pilgrims and the Red Sox. I was happy to find many familiar faces among those who received me so warmly. Our Little Sister life is enriched by the time and miles shared along the way. The work here is the same – together with our family of residents, staff and sisters, we live the joy of the Gospel each day as we continue our journey to the Kingdom of our God – who is love.”
- Sr. Jean of St. Peter, lsp

“The reason I choose to work at the Little Sisters of the Poor is it’s a very good place to work because they ‘serve the elderly with love and respect.’”
– Bastien Frenel, Food Service Supervisor

“Whether you enjoy painting on canvas, creating a collage, refurbishing furniture, or making a craft – it’s always fun in the Art Studio! Making art with Residents is a real pleasure. It is great to withness them getting involved in different projects, trying new things, discovering the possibilities, and my favorite part, seeing the joy on their faces.”
- Anna Marie Greco, Art Director

“Working in the Activities Department brings me joy. I’ve gained an extended family of over 100 Residents and I know them all by name. It is truly a blessing to love what you do and I’m blessed to be part of the Jeanne Jugan family.”
- Shoshana Harris, Activities Assistant

“Volunteering at LSP brings Wilson and I great joy every time we visit. The Residents have become family to us.”
- Carol Sullivan, Association Jeanne Jugan Member/Volunteer

As a volunteer, I love coming and working with the Little Sisters, and talking and singing with the residents. “I have been a part of the Home (first Holy Rosary, then Jeanne Jugan Residence) since 1966 and I have loved every minute of it!”
- Patty Hall, Volunteer and Long-time Friend