Be Part of the Miracle--Donate

For 145 years, (125 yrs. In Somerville), the Little Sisters of the Poor have served the elderly of the greater Boston area with compassion and love. Sustaining our Home throughout these years has been an on-going miracle. People are often at a loss to understand how we can continue to run our Home as we have always done, relying in great part on the generosity of the community with their gifts great and small and God’s goodness. As Little Sisters of the Poor, we have always relied on God’s generosity and the kindness of the people in this ongoing work of caring for the needy Elderly.

Approximately 50% of the funds needed to operate Jeanne Jugan Residence is generated by the Residents, with about 90% of this coming from Medicaid reimbursement. The remaining 50% needed to run the Home is generated through fundraising—everything from direct mail campaigns, church collections, legacies and grants to the numerous fundraising events held each year.

Ways to donate:

  • Online Donation
  • Gifts in Kind: businesses and individuals donate needed items such as food, personal care items and office supplies. See Wish List (pdf).
  • Planned Giving: make a lasting gift and receive the benefits of doing so. Contact us to discuss ways to structure your gift.
  • Stock Transfer: donating stock to a charity will generate a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the stock on the day it is transferred. Also, a properly timed required minimum distribution may be donated directly from your retirement account. Please check with your tax advisor.
  • Workplace Giving: find out if your company has a matching gift program.
  • Partnerships: businesses and parishes work as groups in entertaining or underwriting costs for the upkeep of the home.
  • Tribute Funds: these gifts can be in memory of a loved one or to honor someone.

If you wish to be a part of this ongoing miracle, please contact Meghan Maloney, by e-mailing her at or call her at 617-776-4420. She will be happy to help you and further introduce you to our mission and the many ways you can share. We want to thank you warmly for being a part of the miracle. Oh, and feel free to stop by and see what a difference YOUR gift has made!

NOTE: When donating online, you must FIRST select a contribution type BEFORE filling out the other fields. You can then proceed in order down the form.

Little Sisters of the Poor, Boston is a proud recipient of the 2014 Cummings Foundation